LEGACY Book One, Discovery: A Remote Time Viewer's Journey to His Ancestors

Twenty – five thousand years ago, bold hunter-gatherers are on a generational migration south along the steppes, high mountain ranges and valleys of the present day Alps. A matriarchal society steeped in ritual and tradition, the discovery of this group is beyond the reach of anthropologists and archeologists.

Bringing us this captivating prehistory is a reluctant psychic, a former Navy and commercial airline pilot who journeys through time to the predecessors of his own Basque heritage. With the aid of his partner, a hypnotherapist, he walks unseen among his ancestors and unearths a genetic treasure trove, a wealth of startling, intimate details about the lives of real people.
The result is Discovery, Book One of the nonfiction series, Legacy.

[COMING SOON] 31 Conversations with an Alien

Imagine learning that your client, a seemingly ordinary individual, harbors an extraordinary secret - a connection to a life beyond the stars. This is the reality for hypnotherapist Kryste Andrews, whose professional journey takes an unprecedented turn with the entrance of Robert Nanez.
Nanez's life, marked by the complexities of his hybrid human-alien existence, unfolds through a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Each conversation peels back layers of an incredible narrative that challenges our understanding of reality.

As the sessions progress, Kryste and Robert navigate through a maze of extraterrestrial experiences and unearth truths that redefine the essence of humanity and existence. Their dialogues are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unfathomable mysteries of the universe.

"31 Conversations With An Alien" is more than a story; it's an invitation to open your mind to the endless possibilities that lie within and beyond our world. Prepare to be astonished, enlightened, and profoundly moved.